Omniflix UI

How to stake your Juno with the Omniflix UI and Keplr browser extension


In this tutorial we will learn how to stake Juno to a validator of the Juno network. This will earn you rewards and help to secure the Juno network. We will be achieving this with the following general steps:

The Omniflix staking UI has been provided by the Omniflix team for easy staking to be available for the launch of Juno.

For users with a Juno stakedrop allocation, you will need to add your juno wallet associated with the stakedrop to your Keplr browser extension. You can do this by following the Keplr guide and entering the mnemonic associated with your cosmos (atom) wallet address.

Delegation of your tokens to a validator will make them unusable for any other purpose. The tokens become "bonded". To "unbond" your tokens, you will need to un-delegate them. This process takes 28 days. During this unbonding time you will NOT receive rewards.

Open the Omniflix UI and log in with Keplr browser extension

Open the Chrome browser and navigate to If this is the first time you have visited the UI, you will be shown a splash screen prompting you to connect your Keplr wallet.

Be sure that you have the wallet you wish to use selected by clicking the Keplr icon in your Chrome toolbar, selecting the silhouette in the top right of the Keplr window and then selecting the account you wish to use.

Click the Connect with Keplr button to continue. A popup window will appear requesting to connect to your Keplr wallet.

Click Approve to continue. A popup window will appear requesting you to sign a message.

Click Approve to continue. You will now be shown the Omniflix staking UI dashboard where you can see various information regarding your wallet balance and other staking information related to your wallet.

Select a validator and stake your Juno tokens

To see all the available validators, click the Stake link at the top of the page. A list of active validators will be shown, to see more validators you can click the pagination arrows at the bottom of the page. To delegate tokens to your desired validator, click the DELEGATE button to the right hand side of the row for the validator you wish to delegate too.

A form will appear, showing the validator and a field to enter the amount of tokens to delegate. Your available tokens can be seen at the bottom of the form. Enter the amount of tokens you wish to delegate and click DELEGATE.

A Keplr wallet popup will appear asking for approval for the transaction. Click Approve to finalize the delegation.

After the transaction is completed, a popup will indicate that the tokens were successfully delegated. Click DONE to continue.

Your tokens are now delegated to the selected validator. You can now see the delegated amount next to the validator in the validator list. You will also be given additional options to REDELEGATE and UNDELEGATE for this validator.

Collect staking rewards

Work in progress....