Grassroots Initiative
Juno originates from a community driven initiative, prompted by dozens of developers, validators & delegators in the Cosmos ecosystem. The shared vision is to preserve the neutrality, performance & reliability of the Cosmos Hub and offload smart contract deployment to a dedicated sister Hub.
Some of the founding principles center around:
⚪️ Inception of the worlds first designated interoperable smart contract network
⚪️ Eliminating common smart contract L1 bottlenecks (Scalability, interoperability, high fees, easy of use, concentrated governance control)
⚪️ Sister Hub to the Cosmos Hub (Preserving the neutrality of the Hub by offloading smart contract usage/congestion to a designated contract zone)
⚪️ Governance by ATOM stakers which become JUNO stakers. Stakedrop where 47% of the genesis supply goes to ATOM stakers on a 1:1 basis.
⚪️ Commitment to utilize shared security from the Cosmos Hub once available.
⚪️ Eliminating potential legal limitations (Juno has not/will not conduct any form of seed sale, private sale or public sale. All $Juno enter circulation via the decentralized network launch on October 1st 2021)
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